ATV & SXS Illustrated Name Wildcat XX 2018 Side-by-Side of the Year
October 29, 2018
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"Going fast is all about suspension and handling and not about a horsepower war. Winning Side x Side of the Year is all about how well a machine works as a package. The Textron Wildcat XX reigns supreme at both.

It’s the details that make or break any design, and we love the engineering innovation the Wildcat XX brings to the table. Key features are: 

  • Modular chassis build from High Strength Low Alloy steels.  It’s strong, light, and highly durable.  The front, rear, and middle sections bolt together allowing you to replace any damage.  Full length skid plates provide excellent underbody protection.
  • Extra stiffening bars in the roll cage increase the strength and safety.  It’s built like an aftermarket racing cage right from the factory
  • Low center of gravity for excellent stability
  • Unique hanging motor - The engine hangs from large, vibration dampening rubber mounts.  When something hits the frame bottom the impact force is not transmitted to the engine or drivetrain.  GREAT FEATURE!
  • Unique front suspension upright is unlike any traditional steering knuckle, allowing for more than 18 inches of front and rear wheel travel, and 14 inches of ground clearance.  Leading tie rods give extra strength. 
  • All components bolted into double-shear brackets for supreme durability.  Rear suspension arms have stiffening ribs formed in for extra strength and less flex. 
  • Rear bed is extended for unobstructed view, and it can be removed with no tools for easy  engine access."

- ATV & SxS Illustrated