Single-Beam Rear Suspension

Unlock the mountain with the groundbreaking ALPHA ONE® Single-Beam Rear Suspension. Instead of using two rails like a slide rail suspension, the single aluminum rail runs right down the center of a Power Claw™ track. With minimal input, you get effortless deep snow cornering, carving, side-hilling and so much more.

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles - Technology - ALPHA ONE


ALPHA ONE Single-Beam Rear Suspension is the first rear suspension of its kind. The shift from two rails to one creates a single pivot point down the middle of its Power Claw track, so you can carve up the mountain with ease. With an extruded aluminum construction and magnesium attachment points, this light, lean and mean design gives you enhanced control and agility.

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles - Technology - ALPHA ONE


ALPHA ONE snowmobiles make lightweight performance the standard. The single rail sheds snow, where dual-rail suspensions trap it in the skidframe. On top of this, the skid system equalizes floatation across the width of the track, so you'll sink less and keep moving throughout the day.

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles - Technology - ALPHA ONE

More Maneuverability

With a single pivot point, the snowmobile leans and dips into every curve like it's second nature. Even with a longer track, your sled can handle tigher turns in technical situations compared to short-track, dual-rail snowmobiles. Unmatched maneuverability will unlock limitless possibilities.