Arctic Cat® endorses and encourages the safe use of all vehicles. Be careful; you can get hurt. For your safety, all riders should always wear a seat belt (Side-by-Sides), helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing and don’t drink and ride. Be aware of natural hazards you may encounter, allow yourself plenty of room to safely stop under all conditions, and maintain your equipment. Your safety is in your hands, so take care.  Leave the fancy riding to the pros; they practice for years and train very hard to make it look easy. Never attempt to duplicate these maneuvers or encourage others to do so. We care about your safety and enjoyment of the sport. All materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. All specifications, competitive specifications, claims and information contained within are based on current knowledge and readily available printed material. See your dealer for details.

Rider Age
  • Size does matter. Your child's safety depends on you providing the right-sized ATV.
  • Always supervise riders under the age of 16.
  • Never drive a Side-by-Side unless you're 16 or older and have a valid driver’s license.
Safe Driving
  • Ride off-highway only. ATVs and side-by-sides are specifically designed as off-highway vehicles and operating on streets adversely affects its handling and agility. 
  • Never drive or ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Be aware of natural hazards you may encounter and maintain your equipment.
Riding Gear
  • Whenever you ride, always wear a helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, pants and long-sleeved shirt or jacket.
  • Always wear your seatbelt and ensure doors and nets are in place when driving a side-by-side.

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  • For ATV training and safety information, call 1-888-887-2887 or visit
  • Arctic Cat offers free of charge hands on training for first time Arctic Cat ATV customers and age appropriate members of their family as well as a cash inventive upon completion of training.


  • For side-by-side training and safety information, call 1-866-267-2751 or visit
  • Remember to respect the environment and tread lightly. For more information visit: