The Ride You’ve Been Waiting For

By now, you’ve heard the buzz. An all-new Arctic Cat platform, built from the ground up, that will revolutionize the snowmobile industry is coming. The CATALYST platform is so much more than just aggressive, cutting-edge looks. Its technological advancements set it apart from anything you’ve seen before. It’s time to look beyond the sleek, aerodynamic design because this platform changes everything.

Explore the CATALYST Platform

We built it from the skis up to give you a completely new riding experience. Use this interactive tool to explore the features that make the CATALYST platform the ride you've been waiting for.

Calibrated Suspension

The CATALYST platform takes a centralized design ideal for all riding styles and pairs it with legacy suspension and steering to provide a unique experience for each segment. In the trail and crossover families, the driveshaft and the front and rear suspension have been positioned further rearward to optimize sled balance and increase ground clearance. By lowering the upper A-arms and shortening the spindles, this new design will give you a more position-reactive vehicle with improved cornering. With ratio steering paired with progressive steering, this innovative design offers a lighter, tighter feel that uses leverage first to mimic the feeling of power steering.

On the mountain side, the driver position is optimized for flotation. The lower center of gravity on the CATALYST platform works in tandem with the rider to improve climbing, carving and descent. It also features centerline vertical steering for a lighter, more responsive experience. This is achieved by integrating the new intake, exhaust and chassis. Moreover, the new spindles and front suspension have both been optimized for off-trail maneuvers while remaining capable on-trail.

Laydown Engine

The narrow, tightly compacted and completely balanced platform features Arctic Cat’s exclusive laydown engine design. The design utilizes the highly reliable and significantly refined C-TEC2™ 600, 2-stroke 125-horsepower class engine tightly packed by a light exhaust with the airbox up front and positioned low to the ground for optimal stability. With this new equilibrium, you'll feel the difference with every ride.

Lower Center of Gravity

By starting from the middle and centralizing the heaviest components in the CATALYST platform, Arctic Cat engineers have designed a more reactive design that requires less rider effort than ever before. Everything about this platform is optimized to keep the weight centralized and balanced, from the exclusive laydown engine design to the innovative and narrow ADAPT CVT system. The shape of the 10.4-gallon gas tank contributes to this unprecedented design while providing aggressive ergonomics and maintaining constant fuel pickup.

ATACH™ Accessory System

The CATALYST platform has the first built-in accessory system with key locks for securing a variety of bags and accessories onto your sled. No unsightly rivets or bolts here. ATACH™ is seamlessly integrated, easy to use and totally secure. This is just the beginning — look for more new accessories to be added to the system soon.

Reengineered Chassis

An ultra-high-strength steel, one-piece chassis with an aluminum tunnel provides rock solid support and industry leading durability while also delivering an optimized, compact design for improved packaging and ergonomics. The all-new, modern engineering provides improved weld joints on the chassis to mitigate stress. This results in strong, more efficient components that are easier to service.

Ease of Service

The robust new belt drive system enhances performance with fewer parts, making maintenance simpler than ever before. With an adjustable center distance for multiple gearing options, even belt replacement is simplified. Accessing different sections of your sled is painless with the CATALYST chassis: the plastic panels’ tool-free design allows quick access to components like the belt, oil reservoir and coolant. You can also access the battery with a quarter turn of the seat.

Redefined Ergonomics

The narrowed sled design and optimized shape of the gas tank gives you more maneuverability, agility and comfort when riding a sled with the CATALYST platform. With revised body panels, a tapered tunnel and more, this platform creates an idealized rider interface. You’ll experience less rope wear with the new recoil rope routing. The redesigned running boards and composite toe stops, which have been optimized for each segment, will decrease vibrations in your feet. Coupled with the centralized design, these ergonomic updates will minimize rider fatigue, giving you more confidence and control of your ride.

10% Weight Reduction

Equipped with fewer parts, lighter seats, a completely redesigned intake configuration and many more weight reducing components, the CATALYST platform brings a drastic 10% weight reduction to the trail, crossover and mountain segments. The ADAPT CVT system and the fastener reduction contribute to this weight reduction, and the new belt drive system weighs less than half the weight of the current chain drive system. On top of this, in models with the CATALYST platform, the engine is mounted with a long fiber composite Torque Control Link with an integrated clutch guard. Not only does this decrease weight, but it also improves engine vibration dampening.


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The CATALYST platform is here, and now’s your chance to learn more about the new platform from the men and women who created it.

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